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Interior residential painting is all about attention to detail, we do it all – re painting all interior trim, windows, base, doors, and all styles of handrails. Full wall and ceiling paintings, seal water damaged areas, and filling all picture nail holes and small wall dents in drywall (smooth or a textured finish). Interior home painting can change the look of your old familiar home. It can bring new life to a kitchen or bedroom. Many different sheens and colors are available to get your own custom look.

Services for Interior:

  • Sanding all doors / trim and smoothing out all walls
  • Caulking/puttying of wood areas/ windows, doors, crown molding where needed
  • Minor patching/repairing of holes, imperfections throughout
  • Proper covering and protection of all areas where necessary
  • Careful moving of all furnishings
  • Daily clean up


Exterior house painting is one of the areas we stand above our competition. Preparation and quality are key to your paint’s survival.   With our knowledge and experience, we provide services vital to your home’s survival. A new paint job done by us will preserve your home for many years.

Services for Exterior:

  • Thorough pressure cleaning to remove all mildew contamination etc as needed
  • Trenching: All ground areas around base of house/building shall be trenched back to sufficiently paint down to ground level
  • Hand scraping and sanding of all loose and/ or peeling paint throughout
  • Rotten wood analysis & repairs/Re-nailing of loose wood areas
  • Primer/sealer on all surfaces prior to finish coating where needed
  • Detailed caulking/crack repairs/weatherproofing of all voids and gaps
  • Rust-proofing and hand sanding of any areas where deemed necessary
  • Daily clean up